saara's grill n spice
saara's grill n spice

Saara's Cafe & Saara's Grill N Spice

Located in the bustling koramangala block 7, Saara’s cafe is the multicuisine Cafe inside SS lumina hotel. Located on ground floor, the Cafe offers an ala carte experience over weekdays. Kudos to Brista Ishfaq and the courteous waiting staff for making it a memorable experience!

Top Restaurants in Koramangala

Restaurants in Koramangala

Hot Coffee

Made with steamed milk and espresso, the latte is a barista bar classic, but there are plenty of variations to this two-ingredient drink.

saara's grill n spice

Cold Coffee

Cold Coffee is a creamy and popular cold beverage that is made from 3 main ingredients - coffee, sugar, and cold milk shaken well in a mixer grinder.

saara's grill n spice


Mix this classic cocktail for a party using fresh mint, white rum, sugar, zesty lime and cooling soda water. Play with the quantities to suit your taste.

saara's grill n spice

Iced Tea

Traditionally, ice tea is made by extracting soluble tea solids from tea leaves and then adding various flavouring agents such as sugar, lemon, mint, peach.

Best Restaurants in Koramangala

Candle Light Diner

Best Restaurants in Koramangala

SS Lumina Hotel have a dedicated area for Candle Light Dinner in the last floor. Saara's Grill N Spice is always there for making your mouth tasty. Consider booking a table at a rooftop restaurant with a beautiful city skyline. The dedicated area is situated on high-rise buildings that offer a stunning view of the city lights.

A candlelight dinner is a romantic setting where a table is adorned with flickering candles, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere. Soft music plays in the background as the couple enjoys a carefully prepared meal in the gentle glow of the candles.

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Saara's Grill n Spice is a hidden gem in Koramangala. Located 600 metres from Forum mall, this place is located near Sapna book house. Ambience is cosy here in Saara's Grill n Spice, stuff are courteous. We have maintained taste and perfection. Saara's Cafe is name for taste, come once and you will never stop eating here.

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